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DATATEX PEOPLE ep.4 Interview with Yue Chen (Head of Business - Datatex Shanghai) Hello, how would you like to introduce yourself to the readers of Datatex Magazine? Who are you? What are your passions and hobbies?
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Interview with Yue Chen (Head of Business – Datatex Shanghai)

Edited by Luigi Torriani and Elisa Graziola


Hello! How would you like to introduce yourself to the Datatex Magazine readers? Who are you? What are your passions and hobbies?

I work as a Business Consultant specializing in the Datatex NOW solution. I consider myself fortunate to have a job that involves assisting clients in resolving issues and developing operational solutions, effectively translating their business into the digital realm. Beyond my professional responsibilities, I have a passion for travel, allowing me to engage with various people and cultures. The world is an incredibly diverse and vibrant place, and each of my journeys commences with anticipation and concludes with a wealth of enriching experiences.

When did you start working at Datatex? What do you remember about when you started working with us and the first year you worked here?

I joined Datatex in 2010. I vividly recall the challenges and exhilaration of tailoring the NOW system to seamlessly integrate with our customers’ daily operations, witnessing their specific needs being addressed through the NOW implementation. Our team of textile and apparel consultants, along with our coding experts, is truly remarkable.

What do you appreciate most about your job and what are – in your opinion – the positive features and strengths of the Datatex world? 

The world operates on a foundation of structure and logic. My profession has honed my ability to think and operate in a methodical and rational manner. As a NOW consultant, I delve into the intricacies to uncover the underlying logic and continually strive to organize and structure data, making information management more efficient.

Datatex is truly exceptional. We comprise a team of experts dedicated to uniting data within the realm of textile and apparel companies. We don’t just offer IT solutions and integrations for the present, but we also envision and cater to the needs of the future. I believe this is the inherent value that Datatex brings to the table.

From a professional point of view, what has been the most important moment, and what has been the most significant accomplishment, that you have achieved since working at Datatex? Would you then also like to tell us a curious or funny story regarding Datatex?

My most gratifying accomplishment is witnessing the tangible impact of our efforts, recognizing the pivotal role that the NOW system plays in our customers’ businesses.

Datatex is a close-knit family with a rich tapestry of languages. One of my favorite moments is during company dinners when someone shares a joke that gets retold in multiple languages, often five times or more. The humor that emerges from these multilingual exchanges is often more entertaining than the joke itself.


Datatex people 第4期

专访陈玉娥 (业务主管- Datatex 上海


我对自己的认知是Datatex NOW解决方案的业务顾问。我很幸运,我的工作是帮助客户解决问题,在运营层面找到解决方案,并在计算机中创建一个数字世界。除了我的工作,我喜欢旅行去看不同的人和文化。世界是如此丰富多彩和多样化,我的每一次旅程都兴奋地开发,满载精神宝藏归来。



您最欣赏自己工作的哪一部分?在您看来,Datatex 世界的积极特征和优势是什么?


Datatex 是一家特别的公司,我们是一支将数据汇集在计算机中,为纺织和服装业务服务的专家团队。我们不仅为客户的今天提供IT解决方案和集成,而且支持未来的多种可能性。这是Datatex的价值所在。



Datatex 是一个多语言的大家庭。聚餐的时候如果你想讲笑话,可能需要讲 5、6个不同语言的版本,所以讲话的场面比笑话本身更有趣。